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Seattle's Property Management, a subset of The Bronson Group, 是一家本地拥有的专业管理公司,专注于住宅租赁和小型多厅影院. 十大网博靠谱平台了解拥有和管理出租房屋和公寓的复杂方面. 十大网博靠谱平台的重点是最大化投资者回报,同时为租户提供住宅 proud to call home.

Seattle's Property Management combines the strength, efficiencies, 和大公司的资源,同时保持十大靠谱彩票平台水平, knowledge, and professionalism of a local company. 十大网博靠谱平台坚信十大网博靠谱平台赖以建立的价值观,并在每一天的每一个决定中努力践行这些价值观. Our operational expertise includes the professional management of homes, condos, townhomes and apartments throughout the King & Snohomish County areas.

十大网博靠谱平台了解本地知识是推动最大性能的关键,十大网博靠谱平台积极努力成为十大网博靠谱平台领域的专家. This allows us to respond quickly and effectively to constantly changing market conditions. 超过一半的投资者和业主住在华盛顿以外, our goal is to provide a package of 让他们安心的十大靠谱彩票平台,知道他们的投资得到了良好的管理.

The Benefits of using Seattle's Property Management

  • Advertising on Over 100 Relevant Websites
  • Tenant Screening and Placement
  • Lease Preparation and Signing
  • Rent and Security Deposit Collection
  • Property Maintenance
  • Lease Renewals
  • Move In / Out
  • Market Analysis Surveys
  • Posting 3-Day and 10-Day Notices
  • Monitor Lease Expirations
  • Organizing and Maintaining Complete Lease
  • Organizing and Maintaining Owner Files to RCW Regulation
  • HOA Rule and Regulation Enforcement
  • Pay Monthly Expenses: HOA, Utilities, Taxes
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Brokerage Services

Core Duties as your Lake Forest Park Property Manager:

  • Fill vacancies
  • Advertise your rental
  • Handle tenant inquiries
  • Background and credit investigations
  • Application processing
  • Lease signing
  • Full service repair
  • Rent collection
  • Accounting
  • Marketing – A Full Suite of Services

    Dynamic Internet Marketing

    包括利用西北多重上市十大靠谱彩票平台(NWMLS), Google AdSense, 关键词优化,以确保高“有机”搜索引擎排名以及 posting your property to over 100 relevant websites including

    Effective Mobile Website

    在当今的商业环境中,拥有一个移动网站是至关重要的. 研究表明,86%的移动用户在搜索租赁时使用移动设备 homes. 十大网博靠谱平台认识到,这是一个不断的机会,可以让十大网博靠谱平台的业务给潜在租户留下积极的印象,并确保更高 visibility for our clients.

  • Our Technology

    Seattle's Property Management 在技术系统上投入巨资,为客户提供最好的十大靠谱彩票平台,使其物业管理更有效率. For this purpose we have chosen the industry leading property management software; ©AppFolio.

    Some of the benefits that we are able to pass on to you:
    • 十大网博靠谱平台可以更快地响应,为业主和租户提供更好的十大靠谱彩票平台.

      十大网博靠谱平台可以在任何时间和任何地方安全地访问有关所有属性的信息. 敏感数据安全地保存在最先进的数据中心中,并得到支持 up regularly and automatically.

    • 月结单可以发送到你的电子邮箱,节省时间和纸张.


    • We address property maintenance issues faster.


    • You will be paid faster and more securely.


    • 十大网博靠谱平台可以更有效地推销您的房产,以尽快填补空缺.


  • Tenant Screening

    We search four (4) areas of each tenant’s background:
    1. Credit. We generally look for a minimum credit score of 700.
    2. Rental History. Ideally, at least two years of unblemished rental history.
    3. Employment. 房客必须支付3倍的租金才有资格使用十大网博靠谱平台的物业.
    4. *Public records search. We run City, State, County and Federal background searches.


  • Security Deposits

    所有的安全存款都由十大网博靠谱平台公司持有在一个由联邦存款保险公司担保的集合无息信托中. 十大网博靠谱平台使用的银行在西雅图,华盛顿州,并已开业 for over 70 years.
  • Lease Preparation

    We’d all love to depend on a handshake agreement, 但今天的责任问题需要租约和其他文件来让握手更正式. By including lease preparing in our full-service property management, you benefit from our well-vetted lease agreement. 在十大网博靠谱平台,十大网博靠谱平台起草每一份租约 day, 帮助十大网博靠谱平台的客户保护和筛选租户,然后让他们签署租约,为双方提供保护.
  • Financial Reporting

    有了十大网博靠谱平台详细的财务报告工具,它从来都不容易保持 tabs on your investment. Log into your owner portal to view statements and stay in tune with how your investment is performing.

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十大网博靠谱平台的团队可以在任何时间和任何地点安全地访问有关所有属性的信息, providing the best service.

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As a mid-sized property management company, 十大网博靠谱平台的客户喜欢大公司的能力和当地的感觉.

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Lake Forest Park Area Information

Lake Forest Park Property Management

湖泊森林公园是美国华盛顿州金县的一座城市,位于西雅图北部. 一个卧室社区设计,大部分城市由单户家庭组成 housing on medium to large-sized lots. Less than 4% of the city land is zoned commercial; most of that is in one location, and there are no industrial areas.

湖森林公园坐落在华盛顿湖畔, and includes parks and nature preserves, convenient access to the Burke-Gilman Trail, a summertime farmer's market, 还有一个大型的新旧书店/美食广场,经常举办音乐活动. The population was 12,598 at the 2010 census. Source Wikipedia

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